About Us

The Quality of Our Jobs

About Us

At Clearvision Communications, we strive to provide quality services to Kiwi homes and businesses throughout New Zealand. We have a team of experienced technicians who tackle everyday’s issues with efficiency and innovation delivering top quality services to our customers consistently. We pride ourselves to be strong reputable market players. Our close knit team practises a culture of care for each other and for our clients, thus insuring the delivery of top quality services and innovative solutions in an efficient and effective manner.

We are a Fibre Optic Solution provider – doing the installations and managing the jobs. The company is locally owned and operated which started it operations in the fibre Single Dwelling Units “SDU “provisioning service and then extended its business in allied projects like Multi Dwelling Units “MDU” and Civil. The company has a strong presence in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch with over 125 employees.

Our Values and Goals

These values are what we strive to achieve in order to bring the best fiber installation services for our customers.


  • First class quality installations.
  • First class customer services to always produce raving customers.
  • Enthusiastic and engaged. All members to be top notch like the ALL BLACKS.
  • Easy, enjoyable and profitable work for all. All office & installation teams to see their future and progress within Clearvision.

To connect the world ….

and to be the best installation company in New Zealand and Australia

Our Culture

To create a family orientated work atmosphere where knowledge is shared, growth is planned, a brotherly bond is formed and together success is achieved.

Core Values

In contrast to most contracting companies that base their business on looking after their profitability

and focus on preforming “tasks”, our business is based on how we serve our customers, we strive to understand our customer’s needs and build our operations to not only fulfill but accede their expectations . This is the key value that Clearvision excels at; We believe this is a unique quality in the market place that Clearvision possess.

Our Clients