Health and Safety

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Health & Safety

At Clearvision Communications, we are committed to the continuous improvement in health & safety by establishing safe methods & practices, complying will all legislative requirements, codes of practice & safe operating procedures that are relevant to our workplace.

It is our policy to conduct our business at all times without risk to our employees & to the public. We acknowledge our ongoing commitment to and responsibility to maintain the highest possible health and safety standards. The safety, occupational health of our employees and the public is prime concern to the Clearvision team.

Site supervisors are responsible for safety in their areas of supervision also in the same way that they are responsible for quality, efficiency, delivery and safety will take precedence over short cuts, or complacency, at all times.

Every employee is expected to share in the commitment to this policy. We encourage all employees to take responsibility for their own safety and that of others while at work and to proactively involve themselves in the health and safety processes.

We communicate our safety alerts as follows

  • Splicing
  • Terminal Installation
  • Ribbonet Joining
  • Fiber Blowing
  • Intro to Clearvision
  • Health and Safety
  • Intro to Fiber
  • Intro to Network

Health & Safety Committee

To maintain our commitment to health, safety & the environment we have a committee that reviews all relevant health, safety & environmental policies, procedures, manuals, hazards identified etc. This committee’s mission is to promote a safe working environment for the staff, clients, and the public by creating and maintaining an active interest in safety by each employee and to assist in the overall effort to minimize the frequency of accidents throughout the industry, and to identify corrective measures needed to eliminate or control recognized safety hazards.

Health and Safety memberships

At Clearvision Communication’s we take health and safety seriously, which is why we have memberships and use services such as Site Safe and Blue Dog. These courses help train our employees to be health and safety experts so that we can deliver the best and safest services for our customers. By being using these services, our employees also gain health and safety certification through site safe to make sure that we are recognized as a high quality health and safety company.

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