PWC Building

This was a build high profile end users in this building. A total 29 levels and 50 end user premises.

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Base Hamilton

One of the largest shopping and retail malls in New Zealand, sitting on the 30-hectare block of land. It is an award winning indoor shopping mall located in New Zealand’s largest and most innovative shopping centre. UFF has rolled out fibre project to connect all of the tenants of the Base shopping mall.

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430 Queen Street

3rd Largest residential MUC complex in Auckland, a total of 495 end user premises. A 16 level building with a complicated structure of 2 wings and open air corridors.

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Botany Town Centre

One of the larger shopping complexes in Auckland. With a total of 192 end user premises and possible expansion. Clearvision was closely involved with the scope and design of Botany Town Centre. This site has 8 different buildings with each their own communications room.

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